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We put an end to the traditional agency.


We can successfully reposition and revitalize brands, as well as develop new brands. If branding is critical in building the value of companies, their products and services, then advertising is key in telling audiences what a company does and how it does it better. For advertising to be persuasive, it must create an intimate conversation with your audience, connecting on a personal level, evoking trust and understanding.


After completing the research and writing a strategic work plan, we put words and images together in a way that intrigues, informs and inspires. Sometimes your ads will need to whisper, other times they will need to shout. Whether we create for print or digital media, for outdoor or indoor, they will identify your brand, generate awareness and motivate your market to take action.


We understand the importance of image. We understand that making the right impression every time is vital and that its rewards are priceless. We work in partnership with you to custom-design a corporate merchandising strategy that will identify and promote your business image. Our expertise is sourcing the best corporate merchandise, matching your business image and creating awareness of your business. With over 750,000 products in our range we are certain that you will find the products that suit your needs perfectly. If however, you wish to create an exclusive or one-off product we can also assist you. We are committed to building your business image through our diverse range of products.


Custom magazines and newsletters are an effective medium for companies to control their editorial content, track impact and monitor feedback from their most important audiences. Custom media is very effective in building a dialog with your customers – key in building accurate, personal and meaningful relationships.


With eighty percent of purchase decisions being made at the point-of-sale, it is critical that product packaging not only stand out and communicate clearly, but also conveys the intrinsic personality of the brand. To that end, we begin by understanding the brand, researching and studying the specific retail environment, the competitors, the psychographics and the purchasing dynamics of the audience.


The primary objective of sales promotion/direct response is to predict and modify customer purchasing behavior, most often to motivate purchase and improve sales. We apply a time-specific call-to-action to obtain trial and conversion through enticement. We recognize that each offer must provide significant value to the customer, so we carefully select and test communication vehicles to ensure your target audience will move toward the desired response.


Sponsorship marketing is becoming a popular ingredient in the marketing mix used by companies to increase sales, target specific markets, facilitate customer/employee loyalty, and enhance brand/image. Sponsorship marketing can open the door to direct sales opportunities and provides measurability in both quantitative and qualitative terms.


Our goal is to establish one-to-one media relationships that ensure consistent and effective local, national and international coverage while creating awareness of your brand or product. Services include marketing publicity, corporate communications, community relations programs, event planning and execution, distributor/dealer promotions and industry trade relations.


Critical to the success of any advertising campaign is planning and buying of media for maximum impact and ROI. We are industry specialists with intimate knowledge of print and electronic media and are well equipped to advise our clients on maximizing media plans.


Impact Marketing Communications is a full-service, integrated, advertising and communications agency. We blend the benefits of a large agency – strategic approach, compelling creative work, and a full complement of in-house services – with the advantages of a boutique shop – dedication to your needs, quick response, and a belief that we have to continually earn your business.

We embrace marketing communications and clients seeking an alternative to traditional agency structures. We strive to develop relationships that solve business and marketing problems alike by utilizing marketing concepts that efficiently and effectively promote the products and services of our clients.

Businesses today have needs that change quickly and you need a marketing partner that can provide the creativity, vision and synergies of a long-term integrated marketing plan, as well as responsiveness to react to your immediate tactical needs. Everything we do is done to generate results – and in turn generate revenue for your business.

The creativity, the passion, the service – they are all a means to an end – or as we like to think of it – the means to another great beginning. Contact us today and find out how we can Impact your business.



We not only build brands, we build lasting relationships. We have the pleasure of working with a diverse array of clients. Our expertise is tapped into by many industries, including, but not limited to, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Communications, Construction, and Transportation.


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